Low cost customer acquisition for small to medium size independent restaurants

A hands-free, high ROI service to help bring you new customers week after week. 

Do you have a sustainable way of generating new customers, or do you hope for the best?

How our service works

The service we provide here at Gourmet Digital has been designed to be as hands-free as possible. We understand that your time is focusing on serving your customers. We're here to bring you new customers to serve. After the initial sign-up that's it! We'll go to work month by month bringing you new customers



After signing up with us, we'll send over a short form asking for your company details, information you'd like to promote and any deals and offers. That's your job done! We'll then use this to setup the customer acquistion system.


Viral Contest

This is the heart of the system to gain new customers. Using a viral contest which customers love, we'll use this to gain new email addresses to promote your restaurant month after month. You'll also receive the added benefit of generating social media awareness, all for the same monthly fee. 



Once we've gathered new customers, we'll email them on a monthly basis to drive footfall into your restaurant. You decide what we promote in the setup, but typically this can be events, weekly offers or a new menu etc. This part of the system keeps your restaurant in the minds of your customers.

What ROI can you expect?

After word of mouth marketing, we promise that this is the best ROI marketing strategy that you'll have for your business. The best part is that it's low cost and won't take up any of your time. Here's a few numbers.....

Our basic monthly fee is £80 and we expect to grow you a customer email list of at least 1000 people, if only 2% of that list respond each month that's still 20 new customers in your restaurant.

If your average order value is £40, then that's ​an extra £800 a month, an ROI of 900%

Our simple monthly pricing


Simple & effective

£149 setup & £80 per month*

0 - 1000 subscribers

  • 2 emails per month
  • Monthly growth report
  • Automated birthday emails
  • TripAdvisor review request

*Monthly fee increases £20 per extra 500 subscribers

£80 / month


Extra growth features

£149 setup & £150 per month*

0 - 1000 subscribers

  • 4 emails per month
  • Monthly growth report
  • Automated birthday emails
  • TripAdvisor revew request

*Monthly fee increases £20 per extra 500 subscribers

£150 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I already have a list of email subscribers, what happens with these?

Great! We can use this as a base to build your email list faster.

This is covered in the setup.​

2. We already send customer emails, why would we need your service?

Email is the most effective marketing channel, are you making the most of it​? Are you actively growing your list month after month? Do you know what's working? Our service has been designed to take the time and effort away.

3. Will I be tied into a contract?

Nope, we don't believe in keeping customers locked in if they don't want to be. Our service is operated on a monthly basis so if you would like to stop or pause it, then let us know. Simple!​

4. Do you offer any guarantee?

If you decide to change your mind then we're happy to provide a 30 day money back guarantee. We want you to feel completely happy working with us from day one. 

​5. Why does your price increase with new subscribers?

We're keeping this service as low cost as possible but with new subscribers comes with increased costs from the email marketing software providers. However it's the ROI you should focus on.

6. Do I have to provide discounts and offers for this to work?

To grow an email list full of local, excited diners, this service does require that you provide a competition prize as an incentive to sign-up.

We do recommend that you include discounts in the monthly emails to increase interest. However it's not required. If you want the best results then we recommend using discounts from time to time.